Afrikan Woman – Mildred Mawusi Agbana

Mildred Agbana is a registered nurse in one of the largest and advanced cities yet couldn’t find an effective solution for her daughter’s skin issues. Like every mother, an Afrikan mother for the record, this frustrated her pretty much. Thankfully,she was reminded of her rich motherland and its premium shea butter’s wonderworks. Considering that all other high end brands wrought insignificant results, the fine shea butter sourced from the Northern part of Ghana gave an instant relief to Millie’s babygirl.

Of course, the Afrikan in her couldn’t keep this life saver to herself so birthed Kinapure ,the sustainable, natural skin solution.

Her business has successfully employed women-led co-operatives for inclusiveness and diversification. Not only is Kinapure nourishing the skin of its users,it is fetching income for these women involved in sourcing and processing these shea. Millie is currently self funding a project targeted at providing women in a part of the Northern area of Ghana with quality training,income and ability to be self reliant. Kudos, Strong Afrikan Woman!

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