Vision Statement: Afrikan women globally repositioned, recognised and rebranded as business leaders, nation builders and agents of positive global transformation.

Our Core Values

Positive self-concept. Lifelong learning. Mutual respect and support. A community and serving spirit. Collaborations/ partnerships.

About Us......

HerGenuityAfrika! is a membership organisation, which supports, promotes and encourages entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial thinking and business leadership among females of Afrikan descent.

We also seek to promote a positive self-concept and provide the right tools, information and support for females of all ages to start, grow and expand their businesses and professional capabilities.

We are committed to being a leading voice in the call for greater support, promotion and encouragement for female entrepreneurship, particularly among females of Afrikan descent.

We aim to create the required platform and panel of expertise for ideation, business advice, innovative thinking, marketing support, mentorship opportunities, compliance with regulations, etc, which can help in the growth of businesses owned by females of Afrikan descent.

Our Goals

To build a community of business leaders among females of Afrikan descent in Ireland, on the continent and globally, who are committed to personal & societal transformation, business leadership and nation-building.

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