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Entrepreneurs of immigrant backgrounds contribute to national economies in highly significant ways – by establishing new business ventures, generating job opportunities locally/nationally, and creating new markets through increased trade activities between their home countries and their countries of residence. Essentially, the contribution of entrepreneurship by immigrants can contribute to the acceleration of the economic growth and development of a nation, as well as a tool and pathway for the socio-economic development, inclusion, and integration of immigrants. Furthermore, entrepreneurship provides a strategic solution to circumvent the distinctive challenges immigrants typically face.

 Ireland has continued to create massive opportunities for entrepreneurs to operate in a well-supported environment, with a global reputation of being a popular destination for entrepreneurship expatriates. However, there are indications that there is room to do more for immigrant entrepreneurs. Further to this, with the current gender gap in immigrant entrepreneurship, it is crucial to create opportunities and supportive entrepreneurial environments where female entrepreneurs of immigrant backgrounds can build and grow their businesses.

There is empirical and anecdotal evidence that females of immigrant background face what has been termed, a double disadvantage. This refers to the problems women face, first as migrants and second as women. A third dimension is added, where the woman comes from a developing nation – the triple disadvantage. A fourth dimension has been identified – where a woman is from Sub ­ Saharan/BlackAfrica.

Thus, immigrant women, uniquely from Sub­ Saharan/Black Africa, despite their ingenuity, resilience, astuteness and resourcefulness, remain an untapped capital with the potential to contribute substantially to nation- building thro ugh entrepreneurship and business ownership.


Vision Statement: To be a leading voice for the sustainable socio­ economic inclusion and advancement of black females and females of Ireland's immigrant communities

Our Core Values

Positive self-concept. Lifelong learning. Mutual respect and support. A community-centred, serving spirit. Collaborations and partnerships.

Our Mission

We have a core mission to support, promote and facilitate the sustained and sustainable socio­ economic development, inclusion, and empowerment of females of black and immigrant backgrounds.
Our mission is underpinned by Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 1, 4, 5, 8, and we seek to offer black females and females of immigrant backgrounds in Ireland comprehensive, inclusive, targeted and tailored support and services for their personal, professional and business growth and development.
We also seek to foster (female) immigrant entrepreneurship in an era of a continued rise in the rate of migration globally.
Thus, we provide services to support the growth and development of enterprises owned by black females and Ireland’s females of immigrant backgrounds, and to encourage the creation of more business ventures. We strongly believe that this will lead to outcomes of social inclusion and poverty reduction (SDG 1), gender equality (SDG 5), enhanced Entrepreneurship/Enterprise skills and
competencies (SDG 4), and decent work and economic growth (SDG 8).

We are committed to being the leading voice in the call for a more inclusive range of support for immigrant entrepreneurship in Ireland. 

Our Goal

To support the socio-economic development and inclusion of Black/Afrikan females and females from immigrant background through tailored and focused entrepeneurship/enterprise education, training and support.

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