Afrikan Woman – Mavis Nduchwa

Mavis Nduchwa is the CEO of Kalahari Honey, a Botswana based enterprise which started off as a scheme to ensure that farmers and their crops are safe from elephants’ invasion and attacks. A quick fact is that elephants are threatened by bees. With this knowledge,Mavis managed to win the trust of the locals by all means possible just to ensure that her major concern for the lives of these farmers and wildlife were preserved. She went ahead to set up beehives around the fields to misdirect elephants from the farmers and their crops, only for her to realize that she was earning raw organic honey in return. How cool is that?

Today,she trades beehives in return for honey whilst conserving wildlife as well as humanity. From the rough days of convincing these locals to permit her to helping them,Mavis’ Kalahari Honey has created jobs for quite a number of people in the local and international market with its organic honey and honey wine.

She has several awards to her name thanks to this venture. Among them are Tony Elemelu Foundation’s Most Outstanding African Entrepreneur,BBC Food Chain Judge, and Woman Owned Business of the Year. Note that she was challenged over and over again especially by the farmers regarding the success of her proposed scheme but she didn’t give up on her pursuit of conserving their lives. Be inspired to build sustainable communities and save humanity in spite of daunting challenges. Mavis is indeed worth celebrating.

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