Afrikan Woman – Jullian Omalla

Our Afrikan Woman is the founder and managing director of Delight Uganda Ltd. She has been recognized by World Bank and UN for her exceptional entrepreneurial skills. For one who can boast of being an employer to 1000 nationals of Uganda,it is easy to conclude that her journey was smooth.

Unfortunately it wasn’t. Jullian started working with her brothers and gathered enough to start up her business,only for her business partner who was in Kenya to abscond the capital that was meant for stocking up. She had to start from scratch once again, however,this time with gleaned lessons from experience. She embarked on journeying to Kenya and back to her homeland,Uganda. Sometimes standing throughout the journey so that she can save half of the fare for establishment of her business. For most, being successful with one venture would have been enough but the determined spirit of Jullian keeps pushing her to diversify into several ventures and is currently the owner of the largest processing factory in Uganda,from just being a seller of fruit drink. She is also into farming. Jullian remains an ardent advocate for economic opportunities for women in business,and has effectively coordinated food aid into Sudan. Jullian’s venture can’t be left out when naming significant contributors to the Ugandan economy.Wow!

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