Afrikan Woman – Dr. Wendy Oke

Coming from a family that values education, it is no surprise that Dr. Oke has obtained an undergraduate degree, master’s degree and PhD. It is also not surprising that she figured out the loopholes in education and child development,which birthed her edtech platform, TeachKloud and Kloud Academy.

Wendy admits she was quite unsure about how technology could ease mundane responsibilities of teachers, yet she was focused on realizing this dream, not just for herself but all within the education system. She passionately raised €750,000 in addition to a €55,000 investment from an angel investor to scale TeachKloud.

Dr.Oke’s TeachKloud has been of immense help to families and several institutions during the Covid-19 pandemic. She has extended the platform with her team,and is now bridging the gap between children’s academic curriculum and home skills with the video library,Kloud Academy.

To our award winning Afrikan Sister,Dr.Oke, we await more and more of these developmental projects. The whole African community is cheering you on.

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