Afrikan Woman- Tabitha Karanja

After making the decision of entering a male dominated sector, Tabitha had a roller coaster ride along the way with a mixture of tears, pain and anger. Initially, she had ventured into selling hardware with her husband but she later moved to brewery which was her interest.

Leadership came to her naturally since she was the first born amongst ten children.However ,it was not easy leading as a woman in such an industry where many women had tried but it had been futile. Tabitha stayed to the course of being the first female to venture into manufacturing and be the owner of Kenya’s first alcoholic beverage company .

Now she’s not just a household name in Kenya but in other parts of Africa including Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda. She is an inspiration to all women who yearn to enter brewery and to the world at large. She exemplifies how much passion and persistence can produce the best results.She always advices other women to never give up on thier dreams and to keep being resilient because nothing is impossible. Much to celebrate 🎉

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