Afrikan Woman – Ropa Mupambwa

Celyn Roze, a footwear and handbag brand brought to reality by the amazing Zimbabwean, Ropa Mupambwa. Growing up, Ropa, who migrated to Canada at the age of 12 was encircled by fashion enthusiasts, fashion markets and colorful cloths. This fueled her passion for fashion, together with her kind Afrikan heart, she longed to solve the daunting problem of women and their heels needs: various phases in the life of a woman and corresponding cravings for apt heel heights.

Ropa’s Celyn Roze provides same footwear in five different heights. How cool and considerate is that? T

he trailblazing founder drew inspiration right from her first job at the mall upon her arrival in Calgary,Canada, and has magnificently redefined footwear market run to the satisfaction of women of all ages and backgrounds. She remains one of the few women designers in Calgary and is leveling her brand to fill up the missing loop in the Canadian fashion with its chic factor. Our take away from this is DO NOT BE AFRAID TO BE DIFFERENT❗

A whole living proof that different is the new big thing! We’re obviously blown away by this exceptional mark, Ropa. Keep making waves,our Zimbabwean sister. All of the continent is cheering you on.

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